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SWL- The Finale

The is my last post for Sundays with Lloyd!  It was fun to “read” the book with you and detail what things I learned or thought might make you say, “Ya, I get it!” For my final topic, Lloyd says that we are each a specific type of shopper.  We might be browsers, loyalists, sharpshooters or party shoppers. Let me tell you a bit about each.

  1. If you are a browser, you don’t really know what you need or what you want.  Your look changes daily and may be a little frumpy.

  2. A loyalist is all about their favorite brands.  They know what they have found in the past to work and they’re sticking to it.

  3. A sharpshooter is a woman who tends to shop alone, has a list of what is missing in her closet and doesn’t stray from the list.

  4. The party shoppers run in packs.  They need their friends to tell them what looks good and have no sense of style without them.

How to determine which one you are?  Let’s relate this back to a bridal shopping experience.  Think about how you chose your wedding dress (if you are married). 1)  Did you go with a few people or a large group?  A large group might be the party shoppers. 2)  Did they influence you in the purchase?  Party shopper. Did you purchase the dress you loved whether or not everyone else liked it?  Sharpshooter. Were you alone and it only mattered to you?  Sharpshooter. 3)  Did you have to have a famous label for a dress?  Chances are you might be a loyalist if you love a label. Or just a dress you loved?  Sharpshooter. 4)  Did you have absolutely no idea what kind of dress you wanted and went from store to store trying them all on?  Browser. There are no right or wrong answers here.  This is just the way you approach style and shopping.  There are benefits and drawbacks to each “label.”  Defining how you like to shop can help you make better choices and enjoy the process all the more. Like anyone really needs to like shopping more…  🙂 Goodbye Sundays with Lloyd!


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