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Thrown Together Thrifting #1

Okay, so after my whirlwind rack combing, I went to the dressing room with a TON of clothing, shoes and bags.  After I tried on everything for fit (and likeability), I put together outfits with only the items from the thrift store.  And again, I add, this was done quickly.  I wasn’t thinking about how stellar the outfit was, I was just going with my gut. So here’s outfit number one-

I found this dress that is cute but a little on the short side for me.  I’d pair this with black tights or with leggings for my real life.  Add a little patient leather belt and shoes and this one’s done.

Here’s a black wrap dress I found.  It really is a must have in your closet.  I have several so I left this one there for someone else to enjoy.  But a cute pair of nude satin pumps and you can take this dress anywhere.

I feel a little like a Golden Girl in this outfit.  But it was fun for the five thrilling minutes.  I found this faux wrap jersey shirt, white capris and this turquoise blazer, all paired with nude snakeskin pumps.  I like all the pieces but probably not together again.

Last one for tonight.  Here again are the white capris, paired with a coral button down and a navy polka dot raincoat.  LOVE the raincoat (because I have an accessories problem) but the button down I left because I hate wearing them.  I think it’s because I have no neck…

I hope you enjoyed these fast and furious outfits.  Are you excited to go thrifting yet?


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