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To Be Or Not To Be

Practical, that is.  My next purchase for a pair of shoes needs to be something practical.  You just can’t push a stroller around very comfortably in high heels.  I’m not sure how Gwen Stefani does it.  So I vow to make my next pair of shoes something stylish and yet practical.  I’m in need of just some basics to get me through the winter. I’ll hit the web first to see what is out there for cheap chic. I’ve stubbled upon these at

Love in a shoe.  These are $30 from Mossimo for Target.  Love, love, love.  Practical?  I think not.  Stroller worthy?  Nope.  (Sigh.)  But you have to love a nude shootie.  They would pretty much go with everything.  Okay, time to move on.  I have a closet full of shoes that only get worn a few times a year. BUT… Target is currently having a sale, buy one, get one 50% off. Let’s see what else they have…

These are quite nice.  Now these are practical.  I can slip these on and take my baby for a walk.  These are also from Mossimo $30. Now, with this sale, I could purchase them both for $45.  Not to mention if I spend $50, I’ll get free shipping. Hm…maybe I need to go find something else that is “practical.”  On second thought, let’s see if I can find a shoe that is a compromise of both.

Here’s one.  It has a pretty substantial wedge but will be walk-worthy when pushing a stroller.  And these MkLuk Msc Kloe booties are errily similiar to these booties by Betsey Johnson. 

Target’s price-$30.  Betsey Johnson’s price tag- $140. I can’t seem to decide today.  Maybe I’ll keep shopping and see what else is out there and for what prices.  Stay tuned.  To be continued… p.s.  Spell check isn’t working, so I apologize for any misspelled words!


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