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True Confessions

I don’t often get to watch this show, but occasionally I catch Fashion Police.  Yes, that show on E! with Joan Rivers as host.  It is a true guilty pleasure because I can’t watch the show with my children around. (Wow, the language!  They have to bleep about every three seconds!)  And it is so nasty.  But I find it hilarious most of the time.  And I especially enjoy her Oscar show. I’m sure you’ve heard lots about Angelina’s leg.  I thought it best not to mention but now that it is all over the world, I have to comment.

(Image courtesy of Instyle) I’m just not sure if she hasn’t already sealed her fate as being labeled “odd” that her Oscar pose doesn’t do just that.  Hm…  Anywho, I loved Joan Rivers comments about this topic and her prosthetic leg she adds onto their set to demonstrate Angelina’s look.  Ha! I’m pretty sure watching this show is something only God can forgive me for.  But wowza, sometimes a girl needs a really good laugh!


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