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Vanilla Bean Noel

Run, don’t walk to your nearest Bath & Body Works.  Christmastime brings the return of my favorite fragrance of all time.  Vanilla.  Bean.  Noel.  Go out and get yourself some!

Vanilla Bean Noel Fragrance Mist, Travel Size $5

It is hard to describe a fragrance (especially over the blank whiteness of a page on a computer screen) but I’ll try. It’s so creamy and vanilla-y that it feels like you just spent the day baking dozens of cookies.  And it also has a slight hit of caramel.  Those two scents combined could be my absolute favorites.  Oh, what could be better in the cold of winter when all you want to do is warm up from the heat of the oven, than to smell like this! And what scents do men enjoy best?  You betcha, yummy food smells.  Your grandma was right, a way to a man’s heart is his stomach. And his nose too! According to Cosmopolitan magazine- “Sweet and tasty scents are familiar. Smelling them reminds guys of simple childhood days, so they feel secure enough to let their attraction and affection show.” In that sense, tasty notes work on a subconscious level to loosen him up. He’s already transfixed by your looks, but wearing a scent shows you’re doing something extra special — and sensual — for him.“In that way, fragrance can enhance feelings and emotions,”says Dr. Hirsch.” Read more: Perfume – Scents That Seduce Men – Cosmopolitan Every year I look forward to stocking up on this classic.  Try a bit on, I know someone will compliment you!


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