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Wedding Week- Casual

It’s wedding season and many of you have weddings coming up to attend.  What to wear? This week, I’ll give you five outfits to wear depending on your wedding destination.

Today’s wedding is casual.  It can be hard to know if the wedding is truly casual, especially when some venues can be either casual or more formal.

Take for example, a beach wedding or a wedding that takes place in a barn.  Either place screams casual, but there have been lots of weddings lately that have taken that venue and made it elegant.  So be weary.

This is what I would pack.  If you’re absolutely certain that you know the family and it is going to be casual.  This is it.  This dress is easy, the sandals will be comfortable and will withstand sand or dirt.  And yet the necklace makes this outfit just a little more fancy.

And if you’re worried that it might not be “nice” enough, pack a pair of heels and wear your hair up.  It’ll still pass!

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