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Wedding Week- White Tie

While it may be rare, there does exist one more label on the wedding invitation that may give you pause, white tie.

Basically, if you see this on your invitation, you need to be in a formal.  That means a long evening gown.  The men will probably be in tails and there may even be gloves involved. Think an invitation to the White House.

I know your maxi dress is a long dress but this does not qualify as a formal.  And as much as I loath the LBD, this is the time to dust off that black formal that you keep in your closet for such emergencies.  This is a dress that can be worn again and again.

The same rule as for the black tie invite applies:  be careful not to look like a bridesmaid in a pastel dress with no detailing.  Make sure you have a clutch and not a clunky mom bag. Wear your nicest jewelry.  Think elegance!

Thanks for a great wedding week!

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