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Which Boot Camp?

I received this question from a reader- I was shopping recently and found a pair of boots that I liked.  They did not have my size available in the store but I found them online (and on sale too).  But then I got to looking around at other boots online and found another pair I like as well.  Can you tell me which are more fashionable? (Both pairs are the same price.) Here’s pair number one:

Aerosoles Therapeutic on sale $50 Here is pair number two:

Aerosoles Plums Up on sale $50 I need your advice!  Anonymous Thank you for your question!  While both pairs of boots look fashionable to me, there are a few things to consider.  How do you feel about the wedge heel?  The wedge can be more comfortable to wear on a daily basis than a heel.  However, as the brand of these boots is Aerosoles, I would assume they are both going to be very comfortable.  If your goal is to be trendy, I’d say the second pair is very “of the moment.”  The buttons give it a military feel.  That said, if your goal is to wear these forever, then the first one is a classic and timeless boot that will hold its style. If spending this amount of money is more of an investment than say, a pair of shoes from Payless, my vote is for classic!

Side note- The first pair remind me of something you’d see in something vintage Sophia Loren. I hope this helps! Thanks again, Holly


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