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Wrong, wrong, wrong

I enjoy watching what the major department stores come out with for ad campaigns for each season.  I find it so amusing to critique them simply because some really resonate with me as a shopper and some just fall flat of creating any intrigue for me to explore what they have on their racks. Case in point, each year the Macy’s ads are the same.  Around Christmastime they run their “red” campaign, which makes sense because it is Christmastime and that is there “color.”  But how many of us run around day to day in head to toe red?  Secondly, their fall ads this year were disappointing.  Everything in black.  Gee.  That’s really exciting. All the major designers are pushing color and they come out with an all black ad.  I count on Macy’s as the “fancy” department store of the Midwest.  Nordstrom’s, Bergdorf’s, Bloomingdale’s- none of these are out here and none of them would be in my price range anyway.  But on a splurge (or a good Black Friday sale), occasionally I can afford something from Macy’s.  I wish that I felt compelled to shop there this season, but not after that ad campaign. Then there is JCPenney’s.  (Sigh.)  This can be a shoestring budgeter’s haven.  Many a time I have purchased some wonderful buys there for less than a cafe mocha.  But their ad campaign this fall almost left me in tears.  Everything red and leopard print.  Who dresses this way???  Yes, animal prints are always hot for fall.  But their ad campaign looked very three or four years ago. This leads me to Sears.  The Kardashian line…hm.  I’m not sure what average American woman wears clothes like this on a daily basis.  Generally just Kardashians.  But the next time I need a dress that is painted on and entirely too short, I know just where to turn. Here are a few people who hit it right this fall: 1)  Kmart.  Yes, I know it is linked to Sears, but whatever.  They are still two separate stores.  And they know how to turn a girl’s head.  Lots of boho, fashiony cheap buys in their fall ads.  I also like their slogan, “Money can’t buy style.”  So true.  It also can’t buy taste.  And Kmart online is an awesome place to find shoes and boots!  However, I’m not impressed with their Sofia Vergara line.  I love her campaign that promotes dressing like a woman “You are a woman so dress like a woman.”  But if I wanted to dress like a hooker, I’d by something from the Kardashian line.  🙂 Here is a link to Kmart’s blog.  It is fabulous! 2)  Kohl’s.  Once my least favorite store, they are at least doing a good job of promoting their Jennifer Lopez line.  It has me curious.  I’m also a big fan of their other celebrity lines.  Now if only they could dispose of all the junior garbage that is polyester hot pink and zebra print… 3)  TJ Max.  Perhaps it is simply because I’m a fashionista and their ads pull me in with that word.  But I haven’t been to TJ Max in years.  And now I’m ready to see what treasures I can find. There it is.  The flops and the finds for the fall ad campaigns!


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