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Yet Again at a Yardsale

Never underestimate what you might find at yard sales.  This past weekend I managed to yard sale with all my kids.  This is no easy task, especially if you might actually want to purchase something.  It was citywide sales in town, so there were lots to pick from.  Here is my helpful yard sale 1,2,3 for beginners. First plan of attack is to read through the descriptions on the maps of the yard sales.  Highlight the items that interest you.  Then re-read and find the sales where you’ve highlighted more than one item.  These are worth going to first.  Lastly, note the times on each.  Some will open early, some not until the exact time specified. While reading the descriptions on this outing, I stumbled upon what I thought may be a typo.  The word was coach.  Hm.  Did they mean to say, couch?  Or is this really the brand name Coach?  Definitely worth a stop to find out. I arrive at this particular yard sale on Saturday.  Typically Saturdays are whatever is leftover days.  Things are picked over, and either too expensive (why they didn’t sell in the first place) or half price!  Since I wasn’t really sure this wasn’t a typo, I didn’t put it into the must stop first on Friday sales.  I saw there was a pile of purses on a table as I walked up to the yard sale and upon closer inspection, I came to find TWO Coach purses sitting on top!  Both in excellent condition.  I don’t think they have hardly even been used.  One in a bright blue patient leather and the other in a patchwork of autumn colors, also in patient leather.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  Final purchase price- $50.  For both purses.  Some days even I am amazed at my ability to find bargains. Now I have two new fall purses without the big sticker shock!!!


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