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Beautiful Backgrounds

Someone asked me once why I don’t take a more creative approach to my pictures.  You know those blogs you see where the girls are being photographed in some beautiful local with a gorgeous backdrop?  Clearly I am not one of those.

I tell you why.  I’m here in the trenches of real life with you.  And while there is beauty in our world everywhere, I’m not here to try and help you find a wonderful photograph.  I’m here to help you find real clothes, put together real outfits, in the real world.  Because you’re busy, I’m busy and I want your focus to be the clothes, not the gorgeous scenery.  

Think of it like those outfits you see put together on Polyvore.  Sometimes there is only a white backdrop (like mine) and sometimes there is a beautiful background.  Those backgrounds are fun but the clothes get lost in them.  

That’s just not how I want to do it.  It feels like cheating. So it’s just me.  Just real life.  

Here’s my family time outfit-

Another beautiful background!  🙂


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