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Black Friday Store #1 (Sponsored)

*All opinions in this post are my own and an honest view of my experiences as a NFM customer. This post is sponsored.

Where is my first stop every year I’m in Nebraska on Black Friday?  Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I enjoy shopping there so much and most of our home’s furniture and appliances were purchased there.  (To read more about that, visit previous posts here.)  And while so many businesses opened their doors on Thanksgiving, employees at NFM were home with their families.  I appreciate that so much.  I went out at midnight last year and decided that was not for me.  I’d rather do one whole day and get up early.

Bright and early on Friday at six o’clock, I was standing in line to shop the best deals in the state. Not only does NFM provide excellent customer service, but their warehouses are full of products. So the likelihood that you won’t be receiving that TV you wanted or gaming system or whatever you were doorbusting for, isn’t an issue.  And for prices that are Wal-Mart comparable!

NFM has all kinds of great products.  They have just about everything- furniture, appliances, electronics, movies, games, household products.  And on Black Friday, I’m looking for it all.  Did I also mention that their products aren’t some crazy cheap off brand?  Their household names like Sony, Samsung, La-z-Boy, Ashley, etc.  Products you recognize for quality and reliability.

Yesterday, my list at NFM included:  a home theatre system, TVs, tablets, Wii games, DS games, movies, vacuums, coffee mugs, silverware and ladder bookcases.  The best part is- I got it all! Nothing was sold out.  And we were moved from a line in the main store to a smaller line in housewares.


Waiting in Line


Taking a Rest

(Nice socks.  Can you tell I got dressed in the dark?)

We also took a turn in Mrs. B’s, their clearance center.  And I took some pictures of a few items I was lusting after-


Furniture I Love


And here’s just one of the trees they have on display.  But I thought this one was extra cute. I have a nautical problem…


Nautical Christmas Tree

For more information on what I purchased at NFM and for what price, stay tuned!  I’ll be writing more about my purchases this week.  You can also visit their blog at:

And I’ll share all of my Black Friday shopping experiences.  I’ll be sure you hit all of the best stores to shop for Christmas!

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