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Black Friday Store #3

After a little Starbucks pick-me-up, we decided to head out to the Dillard’s Outlet.  Why on Black Friday?  No reason whatsoever.  But I love to go there every chance I get.  It is absolutely one of my favorite places to go.  This trip in I was looking for a winter coat (non to be had), a dress (for a winter formal), holiday apparel and anything else that really struck a cord.

After hitting the dress department, I emerged with this little number.  It needs some altering; I don’t want it to be both low in the front and backless.  But I really liked it so I figured it would be worth spending the extra money to have it altered.


Pink Formal $30


I also picked up these pants and sweater to wear for the many holiday parties coming up.


Metallic Sweater & Pants $30 total


And here are some other little items I found.  All for a grand total of…$123.  Now you see why I love shopping there!  Who’s ready to go again?


Black Heels & Booties $ total $30


#blouse #blazer

Emerald Green Blouse $20 & Hot Pink Blazer $13


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