Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Fourteen- Color Me Happy

I love color.  And I’m so over black.  Why?  Because I feel like black used to be chic and the exception.  But now it is marketed as a staple.  Yes, I understand its ability to camouflage and flatter. Yes, I know it is still sophisticated.  But it is EVERYWHERE. Need a fancy dress?  What colors are there to choose from?  Black, black and more black.  There is a whole spectrum of color out there designers!  And the majority of us don’t look all that great in black!

Turn on a little happy in your life.  Consider a color your new staple!

Color Me Happy

Tank- Old Navy

Cardigan- Gap

Pants- Loft

Flats- Kmart

Earrings- Small boutique

Ring- Premiere


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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