Fall into Fashion 2015- Victorian

Sorry for the delay!  I thought I had already gotten this post out but I guess not.  Here’s my last fall fashion- Victorian/steampunk.

I’m not talking wearing corsets and fingergloves, but some touches of the steampunk/Victorian look into your wardrobe.  It seems this style comes and goes about every ten years.  A few sure-fire additions are:  a small pleated skirt and any feminine lace up boot.

I’m also into greys and navys this year.  Do your closet a favor and buy more of these neutrals this season.  Give the creams and blacks a rest.

And there are my five fall fashion looks.  I hope you found at least one look that you’re thinking about incorporating into your closet this fall!

Fall into Fashion 2015 by stylefromthesticks featuring vintage round sunglasses

Topshop sparkly top nordstrom.com

Warehouse pleated midi skirt $46 – warehouse.co.uk

Park Lane lace up ankle boots $100 – asos.com

Vintage beaded handbag amazon.com

Roni Kantor marble jewelry modli.co

Charlotte Russe white gold jewelry charlotterusse.com

Retrò vintage round sunglasses $3.08 – amazon.co.uk

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