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Formal Where?

I am the type of girl that will buy a nice dress if I see one that I like when it’s on clearance when I have no where to wear it.  Or perhaps I run across one in Goodwill and it happens to be the right color tag day where the dress is $.99 (true story).  You know how this goes, when you need a nice dress, it seems impossible to find one that you love that isn’t expensive.  So I like to just pick them up here and there for a time when I know I’ll need one. This leads to a closet filled with an interesting array of dresses.  It isn’t like I have 27 bridesmaid dresses stuffed into my hall closet, but I do have an eclectic assortment.

(Image courtesy of I have an event coming up that requires some sort of formal wear (and no one seems to know just how formal).  And as I have too many dresses that I simply wore once as a result of a run of family weddings, I think it is time to weed them out, farm them out and come up with some better rules on purchasing these items so they can officially be formals to wear instead these formals for where? Here are my new rules for purchasing formal wear: 1) It must be something I love (or I’ll never wear it again) 2) It must not be anything I can also wear while pregnant (no I have NO announcements) as this has been past criteria 3) I must be able to think of two other places I can wear it- e.i. cruise, wedding, special event, etc. 4) It should not have been in style in 1996 5) It must also flatter (body type, color, etc.) You’ll find me sorting through these dresses tomorrow, hopefully with no one taking pictures of me and writing a newspaper article about how crazy I am for having these dresses.  And by said event I will have a formal nailed down to wear!


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