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Girl on a Budget

As we officially own two houses, this girl has been put on a pretty tight rope for spending.  And as I drool over some much coveted pieces in spring catalogs, I’ve got to figure out how to revamp my wardrobe (again) for spring and summer. This leaves me thinking that there are probably many girls out there in my situation who yearn for new clothes but simply can’t afford them.  Here are my ideas on how we can get that “new” feeling without spending serious money!

(Image courtesy of If the top trends for spring that I think I might actually work into my wardrobe are:  pastels, metallics for day, and pleats, then let’s focus on creating outfits that contain those pieces, just maybe not new pieces. Step One- Search your closet for the above pieces.  Don’t forget that they may be a scarf, a belt or an old piece that can be sewn into new (think old skirt into pleated dress). Step Two- Spring is all about colors and neutrals.  So put away your heavy leathers, wools, corduroys and dark wintry colors. Step Three- Get your arts and crafts on.  Turn on Martha Stewart reruns and get out your craft supplies.  Have a shirt that you think could be better?  Maybe sew on a few sequins.  Tired of that solid colored scarf?  Maybe tie-dye it.  Go crazy with a white shirt, dress or skirt and some clothing dye.  Get out your sewing machine and see what you can do to turn that old skirt into a fresh new pleated number.  (For a tutorial, visit  Your creativity and Pinterest alone could have your revamping lots of pieces! Step Four- Arrange your closet so that the winter items are put away or towards the back.  I like to arrange my closet by color instead of by type of pieces or outfits.  I think it allows you to think out of the box when putting an outfit together. Also consider what clothes should have face time.  Do you wear them all the time?  Put them towards the front.  Do you only need it for a special occasion?  Towards the back. I’ve heard this suggestion before, but have yet to put it into practice, hang all of your clothes facing you and as they go back up on hangers after they are worn, turn the hangers around.  Soon you’ll start to see which pieces you wear and which you don’t. Step Five- Consider having a clothing swap.  Maybe you have three (or more if you’re like me!) different sizes of clothing in your closet from pregnancies or weight gains/losses.  Instead of donating those clothes, call over a few friends who also want to participate.  Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure… Hopefully this will get me through our very shoestring budget time!


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