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Holly’s Hope in a Bag

So I had an idea… I had so much fun at the accessory exchange that we did earlier this fall that I was dreaming up a way to make that happen more often. Here’s what I came up with- what if I put in a big recycling bag a few articles of clothing (or shoes or accessories, etc.) that I have that I’m willing to donate but think someone I know may want them.  Definitely not anything that’s torn or stained or ratty… Then I pass the bag on to a friend from a list of people who want to be in the circle of the “bag.”  She is welcome to take any or all of the items in the bag (realizing that it could be a hit or miss if the items in the bag are her size or her taste).  She either needs to replace the donated items piece by piece or throw in some cash for what she thinks they are worth.  Then she passes the bag on to the next person. The sharing of the bag is on the honor system.  And when it is the last person on the list’s turn, whatever is left over in the bag  that was unwanted or discarded is donated to charity- cash, clothes, whatever. Hope for those in need and some wardrobe fun for the rest of us! What do you think?  Could it work?  Who’s willing to try?!


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