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In a Funk

This week I have just been in a fashion funk.  It happens.  When you’re moody and don’t have a lot going on, the funk strikes.  And it is so hard not to just show up to places when you’re in a funk in your pajamas!  But I will NEVER do that (unless I’m sleepwalking).  If I leave the house without jewelry (wedding ring excluded), you can bet I’m in a funk.  I have a hard time finding the “right” thing to wear and I’m just throwing on clothes to cover all my parts and I’m out the door.  These are the only days you’ll catch me in jeans and t-shirt.  Mom apparel.  I-give-up apparel. I’ve decided I need to prevent these days from happening.  Here’s my plan.  1)  I experienced a mishap the other day in which cell phone landed in toilet.  Let me give you a tip, electronics do not like to swim.  Perhaps this will lead to the inevitable Smart Phone switch up.  If it does occur, then I can connect to my readers 24/7.  AND… I can get an app that lets you take photos of your clothing and create virtual outfits.  These virtual outfits would be such a blessing on funk days.  In a rush?  Quick, pull out your Smart Phone and click to see what you need to put together today.  Genius. 2)  Perhaps I should pull together a few funk day outfits in advance from my wardrobe to throw together in a pinch.  Perhaps I can avoid the t-shirt and jeans uniform and (gasp) avoid the workout capris and men’s t-shirt uniform that ONLY SHOULD BE WORN WHEN WORKING OUT!  With these ideas as an arsenal, I should be able to pull myself together and… maybe even pull myself out of my funk!


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