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Matching Your Shoes with Your Hair

I know this concept may sound crazy.  But trust me, it happens every day in Hollywood.  Can’t decide what shoes look best with an outfit?  Match them to your hair color.  Have a dress that has a bold hue in it and leaves you wondering what shoes go with it?  Yup, match to your hair color. For BSS today, we’re not discussing a product but a theory.  Does the matching your shoes to your hair color thought process really work? I’m not talking about if you’re a brunette, you need brown heels.  Think in terms of generalities.  If you’re blond, go nude.  If you have dark hair, go dark. If you don’t believe me, here is some proof-

Ali Larter in David Webb
Kate Beckinsale in Alexander McQueen
Viola Davis in Victoria Beckham
Emma Stone in Elie Saab
Jennifer Aniston in Chanel
Amanda Seyfried in Nina Ricci
Taylor Swift in Honor
Leighton Meester in Prada
Alexa Chung in Louis Vuitton
ginnifer goodwin - golden globes - short
Felicity Jones in Proenza Schouler
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