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Matching Your Shoes with Your Hair

I know this concept may sound crazy.  But trust me, it happens every day in Hollywood.  Can’t decide what shoes look best with an outfit?  Match them to your hair color.  Have a dress that has a bold hue in it and leaves you wondering what shoes go with it?  Yup, match to your hair color. For BSS today, we’re not discussing a product but a theory.  Does the matching your shoes to your hair color thought process really work? I’m not talking about if you’re a brunette, you need brown heels.  Think in terms of generalities.  If you’re blond, go nude.  If you have dark hair, go dark. If you don’t believe me, here is some proof-

Ali Larter

Kate Beckinsale

Viola Davis Note- you might think with a white dress, she’d choose a metallic but she chooses black heels instead!

Emma Stone Note- in the case of redheads, I find they often go nude and match their porcelain skin tone.

Jennifer Aniston

Amanda Seyfriend One of my best examples.

Taylor Swift

Leighton Meester Another redhead example.

Alexa Chung

Ginnifer Goodwin

Felicity Jones All images courtesy of Instyle. Now that you know this secret, keep watch for it. I really like this concept.  I think the result balances out your look in general.  You look head to toe complete.  And also helps answer that question that so many of us have had at one time or another, what shoes go with this outfit!?


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