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Not So Modern Farmhouse

Let's talk a little bit about the whole modern farmhouse movement. Do you all follow Maria Killam? She's a designer based out of Canada I enjoy for her love of color.

She is also a huge proponent of timeless design. Her tagline is "to love your house forever." For example, not following trends in places that can't be changed easily like tile and flooring. And one of her biggest design proponents is finding the undertones of colors to help you match fabrics, tiles, paint, etc. together. She sells a color wheel for just this purpose.

But mostly she hates on this movement to paint the world black. And I find it so entertaining because I really do feel it's a cop-out. In ten years when this movement has past, are you really going to want to repaint your stone or your siding to a different color from black?

For example, the black faucet and black hardware on the cabinets in this picture keep your eye roving for a place to land.

Tell me where your eye goes to first in this picture?

Your eye is immediately attracted to the darkness of the countertop. (Not a fan of that backsplash. Yikes.)

How about this picture?

It creates a very moody atmosphere, right? Now compare that to the picture below-

I realize that black is the bold choice. And it absolutely has a place in design. But the way that it is being used now is just a trend that in five years you are going to hate. Take the use of your black SPARINGLY. Trust me.

Anywho, I digress. The farmhouse movement is really starting to get dated. People are throwing out their signs with words on them, their galvanized decor and the all-white color scheme. If you love those things, please keep them. I truly think you need to decorate for you, not for trends. But if you are over those things, I'm here to tell you the trends now are more for color and a more traditional look- stained wood, traditional furniture pieces, patterned curtains. People are tired of changing things every few years for the latest trend. And while we'll never get away from trends, trust me, this black-and-white thing is definitely a TREND.

So plan your homes for more timeless decorating and something that, dare I say it, is a little boring in an adorable way. Think Erin Napier of Home Town.

If you want more about the timeless, traditional look that's becoming trendy, you can check out my Pinterest board, Grandmillenial.

Our modern farmhouse just won't have the black-and-white features that would probably fit the current trend. I'm going for more timeless and boring so I will "love this house for a long time."


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