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Previous Work

While we purchased the Starting from Scratch property last winter, most of the real work began this past summer. All last spring we cleaned out what was inside and that took a significant portion of our time. The house was nearly full. Most of it we burned, some things that were still useful went to our local thrift store and during our town garage sales, a bunch of it went as it was marked free. And we still have things inside that we are unsure what to do with but hope to continue to filter it out.

After the majority of the stuff came out, we could see a little better what we were dealing with. While there wasn't anything worth salvaging from the interior, the foundation was good and so we decided to take it down to the studs.

Here's a little bit of that process.

The wall between the kitchen and the living room coming down.

My 80 year old dad who refuses to listen to anyone up on the ladder swinging the sledgehammer half the time. #goals

This is only about 1/10 of the stuff that was left behind.

Basement wall between living room and kitchen taken out.

A room in the basement without the carpet and the ODOR.

The outside of the house in the spring of last year with all of the shrubs and trees removed. We have lots of dirt work and stumps to pull at some point.

And that's all for today! What seems like a small amount of work was a TON of work. More to come soon.


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