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Demo Days

Back to work on the farmhouse...

I had some really cute helpers demo some of the walls and kitchen cabinets. It was a dirty job but it was satisfying to get a dumpster full of old plaster, trim and other misc. garbage.

I won't bore you with all the demo photos of each room but here's an idea of what it looked like naked.

Upstairs we uncovered a signature by the person who probably built the house. We had one like it in our old house that we framed out. But this one was too far gone and crumbled into pieces. I did get this picture though.

The upstairs closet that used to be super dark and empty and far less scary!

In the kitchen, we uncovered old oak floors! They had a large patch missing tho so they will get covered up. :(

On the rest of the main floor, we found fur floors which were probably the original subfloors.

Here is the pile of false floor torn up and the kitchen floor exposed. I'm pretty sad we couldn't use it.

Here's a better picture of the kitchen floor.

This process seems easy but with baseball, softball and tball, it was quite a challenge to complete! One dumpster gone, several more to go!


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