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Q&A- Empire Strikes Back

I received the following question-

Hey! I have a question. I recently got this shirt.

And I want to know if it is something that should be paired with jeans or if there would be an appropriate way to wear it with shorts or capris? 

I don’t think it’s long enough to wear with leggings which was what I was really hoping for…

-Becky Oh this top is very cute!  And I don’t know if you bought it in this color, but I love the color as pictured above! This type of shirt is tricky for me too.  The empire waist and long length really make it feel like it could be worn with leggings but when it hits just shy of covering your derriere, that is a problem. I think you definitely should wear this top with jeans (as pictured).  I’d stick with some that are tighter on the thigh, like flares.  You could also pair this with slim Bermuda shorts.  (Steer clear of short shorts for obvious reasons.)  I like to wear my oddly hitting tops with capris that maybe don’t have any detailing or pockets on them.  Here is an example- 

Thank you for your question!

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