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Q&A- Leg Warmers for a Cause

Holly- I am looking for arm or leg warmers – black & gold. In your search for clothes/outfits – was wondering if you’d ever seen anything like this. Striped – not the black/gold glittery stuff – just to look like a bee. If you ever see anything like that, please let me know.  I need it for some fundraising for our community. THANKS! Thank you for your question! Here’s what I found- For a hand knit pair-

Black and Yellow Striped Fuzzy Leg Warmers for $6 at Costume

For a really fuzz fur-like pair, I found these-

Honey Bee Leg Warmers at $49

But I’m guessing that is way too much to spend for fundraising…

I think the following pair are probably your best bet.  They look stretchy. 

Bumble Bee Arm / Leg Warmers from $4

I hope this helps your search!


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