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Q&A- Mint Jeans

I received the following question- Holly- I am wanting a pair of mint jeans so badly for this spring. Why are they so hard to come by??? I found this pair on Loft…..but they never seem to have my size in stock.

Color Pop Curvy Super Skinny Jeans from Loft $60

Have you come across any others? I have tried on the ones at Target and the fit is not right for me. Other than that I have not really seen them anywhere else, or if I have online…they are never in stock. Also would like to find a nice fitting denim shirt. Came along one at Ann Taylor. Kinda pricey for me. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Amy Thank you for the questions Amy! First off, I love the mint jeans trend too. It reminds me of the cobalt blue jeans trend. Mint is everywhere these days. It is HUGE for spring and I have to say, I’ve always been a fan of the color.  Of course there are tons of mint jeans that are expensive but I don’t recommend spending a bunch of money on this trend. So I’ll try to give you a few options in the $100 or less group. First stop- Dillard’s

Celebrity Pink Colored Skinny Jeans $30

That was the cheapest I found (besides Forever 21) where I thought maybe you could go to a brick and mortar store and try them on.

Here are a few more ideas-

Spring in Every Season Jeans from ModCloth $50 (with free shipping over $50 and returns)

And also these from the Gap-

1969 Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans $55

(I also found a cute pair at Express but their website isn’t cooperating today.)

Now, for your second question, the denim shirt. This trend has been around for a few seasons now too and it’ll probably be around for a lot longer. The thrifter in me says to try and find a really cheap one at thrift stores, but that takes patience and time. And they are everywhere.  I’ve seen a bunch at Target.  Delias and Forever 21 have them in the under $30 price range.  In the $50 and under, you can find them at Asos, JCPenney, Express, American Eagle and the Gap.  I’m confident you’ll find one that you love out of the variety out there for less money than Ann Taylor!

I hope this helps!

Thanks again for the questions!



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