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Swim Season- Maternity

I hate to almost say this, but these are the best of the worst maternity swimsuits.  In my search for maternity suits, I came up highly disappointed with the results.  I can understand.  Most ladies either try to get by through the few months of swim season in their regular suit, or find one secondhand.  It’s not like a maternity swimsuit gets worn out from overuse.

But in this day and age, of all things fashionable, and star studded designer maternity wear, I would think there would be more options.  This is what I’ve found.  Seriously thinking about starting my own line…

Suit number one, Asos really has the best grouping of maternity swimsuits, second only to Target.  Surprise!  At least they are both affordable lines.  I like this one because of its fun colors.  What seems to be lacking out in maternity swimland is detailing.  Sure, no one wants to focus on their big belly, but does that mean we have to slip into a world of drab?  I also like the stripes.  I mean, if you’re ever going to wear gigantic horizontal stripes, might as well be when your belly is big for a reason?!

I love this second suit because it’s my favorite color.  I also appreciate its cute little skirting on the bottom.  Is this the best time to be flaunting your behind?  If it is, good for you!

This third suit is my favorite and one that I purchased.  It’s from Target and I got a size larger than normal so I could wear it more like a swim dress than a tankini.  I’m like a moth to the flame with this color…

I also really like this fourth one, from Target as well.  It has such cute details on the cups and I like the bold black-on-white floral print.

And lastly from Asos again, the print on this suit draws your eye away from the belly and up to the tie on the top.  I think this is a really adorable color combination.

One other thing to mention, and this goes for both maternity and regular swimwear, it is going fast!  So if you want a suit like the ones pictured, get out and purchase!  Don’t wait!

I hope you enjoy the swim season as much as I will!


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