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Swim Season- Retro Bikini

I’m so glad that the retro, high-waisted bikini has caught on.  For a few years ago, they were hard to find.  Now they are everywhere and that makes me happy!

These good old fashioned suits offer so much more coverage than the 90s string bikinis.  Thank goodness for us moms that have don’t have perfect tummies and are sporting a few stretchmarks we’d like to hide!

And yet, they still show a little skin, in a fun and none mortifying kind of way.  You’ll be channeling your inner Marilyn.

Here are three options, TOTALLY affordable too.  It’s amazing.

1)       I’ve never ordered a swimsuit off of Amazon so the price has me a little concerned about the quality.  But for those of you who aren’t afraid, it could be a rare find!  I really like how this one has a little flounce on the bottom,

2)      The second one is in a fun color and I also adore the cuffs on the cups.  It’ll add a little something to those of you who are looking for a little embellishment up top.

3)      I am totally digging the last one in two different colors/patterns.  I know it isn’t your traditional suit, but it just looks like more fun somehow.  Not sure I’d do this with any other type of bikini, but for the retro look, it works.  This suit is also an itsy suit, which I think is amazing.

Those are three fun options for poolside style!  You’re gonna love this look!


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