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The Look

Happy Labor Day!  I’m inspired to write a little about what I do and why I do it.  When you write a fashion blog for a living, you have to walk the walk instead of talk the talk.  Trust me.  I get “the look” Every Where I Go.  Whether I’m in something I want to be seen in or not, I get looked up and down.  By women.  Not because I have a great body.  It is a little intimidating.

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But often times I’m not looking stellar.  And I’m sure there are many times that women say, how can she write a fashion blog, look at what she’s got on?  Did I study fashion at some institute of higher learning?  No.  But I promise you that I do my research.  And putting things together is something I enjoy.  When you enjoy doing something, often times you get better at it.  I write this blog because I’m an average, everyday woman who has to get dressed every morning and wants to show other average every day women that it isn’t so hard.  We aren’t expected to look like models in fashion magazines.  I don’t like half of what I see in them anyway.  That isn’t expected to be real life. But my life is- real.  I have kids, I have projects, I have responsibilities.  And the last thing you should have to worry about is what to put with this skirt or that top.  So I hope I’m inspiring you all and making it easier for you.  Because, trust me, I’m here in the trenches with you.  And honey, at least you’re not on the receiving end of “the look.”


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