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The Skinny on Scarves

Scarves were once the rulers of the 80s.

I love how in this photo from the 80s movie, The Breakfast Club, three out of the four characters are wearing a scarf! And since their big comeback, I come across some knowledge that must be shared! First, my particular favorite way to tie a scarf is called the casual swing. Step one- Put both ends of the scarf together.  Put one hand on the ends of the scarf, the other on the loop it creates.  Keep your hands there and put over your head so the middle of the scarf is on the back of your neck. Take one end of the scarf and put it through the loop.  Now twist the loop around once and put the other end of the scarf through that hole.  Done!  Voila!  Looks a little more fabulous than just a simple knot! (If you are a visual learner, check out this web site that a fellow blogger friend of mine, Natalie, sent me- Side note, Natalie writes for A Touch of Country With Natalie-  if you’d like to check out her blog.  Her talents amaze me.  And I’ll be guest blogging on her site soon! Secondly, a scarf can be used to coordinate your outfit.  Buying a printed scarf can help tie two solid colored pieces together.  Pick up a patterned scarf that has the colors of both pieces and how fabulous is that! Finally, a scarf can dress up your outfit in a sneaky way- tie them on your bags!  If you are carrying a basic bag, a scarf can really dress it up.  This even includes bags such as your 31 bags.  Tie a fun one through the grommets on your bag handles. Here are some bag pictures from a blog that I found- Before-


(Images courtesy of – Makes a difference doesn’t it?!!! So next time you walk past the hanging scarves in your closet, now you have a few new ways to think about how to use them!


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