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Trends To Avoid

Boy am I going to get flak for this one.  Here are my top ten trends to avoid like the plague.  If you are wearing one of the following (especially if you are over the age of 30), you may want to rethink it. 10) Burn out t’s Leave them for the teenagers.  Nuf said 9) Jeans with sequins and white stitching There is some sort of phenomin happening with these jeans.  I equate it with wearing crocks. (I shudder just writing that word.)  It is simply some sort of teenage status symbol that middleclass women have taken over.  I don’t know ANY over 30 year old that should be so proud of her behind that she plasters sequins all over it.  We all have a mind of our own now.  We aren’t in high school and being peer pressured to buy the “label” jeans.  Are you wearing them because they really look good or because you think you are cool?  Um no. I’m not saying you can’t wear jeans with white stitching or occassionally (in the right place and time) embleshed jeans, but don’t be part of this crowd.  They look ridiculous. DON’T go there. 8) Uggs.  Okay, there are some Ugg boots that are stylish.  But you aren’t 10 and if you are wearing the original Uggs (or their knock offs), please think about how your foot looks.  Are you a supermodel who can look great rolling out of bed and throwing on Uggs to go buy Starbucks and get some photo ops of you walking your child to school?  Probably won’t work on you.  I’m just saying… 7) Wearing your favorite Disney character.  Again, an age check.  How old are you?  Leave these items for the kids (and please don’t take formal pictures in them even then). 6) Peep toe boots 5) Super low rise jeans 4) Bare midriffs 3) Long floral dresses that tie in the back 2) Sock with sandels 1) Crocks.  Not only were the hideous when they were popular but now the trend has passed.  So if you are still wearing them (and you aren’t a nurse or a hairdresser), throw them in the garbage. I say this with the kindness of a big sister.  We all have our fashion mistakes.  But falling victim to trends that just aren’t flattering isn’t good for any of your upcoming photobooks.  I’m sure some day I’ll look back on my skinny jeans and wonder what I could have been possibly thinking.  But that’s the case with fashion.


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