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Ugly Betty

Wow.  Have you all seen this article about the woman who said she was hated for being beautiful?  I think its pretty amazing she has received so much flack for this article.  Here’s the article, if you haven’t read it. She’s been on NBC’s The Today Show, etc. defending what she had to say.  And then there was Barbara Walters on the View telling America that “she’s not that beautiful.”  Isn’t that what’s wrong with us women today? You should read some of the comments people have left this woman.  Holy mackerel.  As women, we shouldn’t be tearing each other down.  And I’m the first person guilty of this.  You see a model or an actress and immediately start to say, oh she has funny eyebrows or cankles.  Something to make yourself feel better.  And you know that if you saw this woman in person, you’d probably be stopped dead in the street by her good looks. You know the whole saying that the camera adds ten pounds.  It is completely true.  If you see some of these people in person, while they look like regular people on screen, in person they almost disappear.  They are so tiny.  Its almost that way with good looks.  We are so used to seeing beautiful people on television that someone like America Ferrera is labeled “Ugly Betty.”  Geez.  There may be no hope for the rest of the us non-movie star women.

(Image courtesy of When you meet a beautiful woman, don’t discount her or be intimidated.  She can be a pretty amazing person.  One of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met was a roommate I had in college and she was completely unaware of her beauty.  She is also one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. What’s my point?  I guess I’m just disappointed that a woman can’t believe she is beautiful without receiving worldwide ridicule.  I’m not saying that you need to be haughty or vain, but even if the world thinks you are an ugly betty and tells you daily, you can still believe you are beautiful.  You should allow yourself some self-confidence. Because there is one person who thinks you are made in his image and he knows your true beauty. That is what I think is important. So if someone gives you a compliment, simply say thank you.  Because in Christ, you will always be beautiful.


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