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Fall is right around the corner.  And promise I will do a whole shpeal on what you should buy and how to wear it. But there is a different topic to discuss.  Underpinnings- most specifically non bra and underwear related items.  Let’s break them down. Item #1- Pantyhose.  Yup, I still wear them…occasionally.  They are not very comfortable but happen to be warm in the winter when I may be the only girl in the Midwest still wearing skirts.  Let’s see those bare legs in subzero temperatures!  Get real. I know lots of ladies that wear them to church out of respect, but I don’t think having bare arms is indecent, so why bare legs? When not to wear them- with open toed shoes, white sandals (or any sandals at all) and pretty much not at all in the summertime, unless it is required by work. Note- if they are supposed to be “nude,” they should disappear into your skin color. Item #2- Tights.  Still a big fan of these!  Wearing these with skirts makes you feel a bit school girlish with a twist of beatnik. When not to wear them- when your tights are darker than the color of your shoes. Item #3- Slips.  Yes, I wear these too, most of the time.  Man, I better check how many candles were on my cake this year, I’m starting to sound OLD.  I bet most young girls don’t even know what these are. When not to wear them- if your skirt is a heavy fabric or already lined.  Then you’re covered.  You want to avoid seeing through your skirt. Item #4- Shapewear.  Did anyone else know that girls are wearing these underneath clothing now and as sportswear?  It concerns me that if they are wearing them in high school, what are they going to do when they grow older and they really need to wear them?  These are the not-so-sexy items that you wear when you don’t want lumps and bumps to show in your sexy clothes.  I know…? When not to wear them- before you have kids.  🙂 Even though Truvy in Steel Magnolias claims, “These thighs haven’t gone out of the house without Lycra on them since I was 14.”  Now you know that you’ll look like a bad episode of Falcon Crest if you wear those white sandals with your suntan pantyhose.  Underpinnings, now you know.


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