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Bra Collection for Moms

Today we’re talking bras for moms.  I’m continually shocked by how many moms have very few bras or the condition of the bras they are wearing.  Your undergarments are just as important as what is on top of them!

So here are some basics.  Clearly, you can have many more than this.  But for that mom that is wearing the same type of bra every day, over and over.  You need to branch out.

First up, on the top left, a bandeau bra.  This type of bra could be tricky for those well-endowed.  For those strapless summer tops or maxi dresses, or even for those deep v’s that leave not enough to the imagination, a bandeau is a great option.  It’ll give you coverage and comfort.  Be sure it fits well, so you don’t have the dreaded mommy droop!

Next up, the workhorse of bras, the nude t-shirt bra.   I like this one because it is also a racer back and for those tricky tank tops in the summer, this will save you pulling the straps together.  Don’t forget, nude is the color you wear under white tees, not white!

Every girl needs a black bra.  Nothing is worse than seeing a white bra strap peeking out of a black shirt.  It can be basic or lacy, what works best for your wardrobe.  But it is a must!

On the bottom left, here is a pretty bra that is also functional.  This kind of bra is great to sleep in.  It’ll give you support without feeling like you are actually wearing a traditional bra.

Then we have the strapless bra.  If you only have one, make it nude as it will work with more choices than white or black.  EVERY GIRL needs a strapless bra.  End of story.

I included this last bra because remember, we are not our mother’s generation.  Bras can be pretty and fun.  Don’t get stuck in the nude bra rut.  Choose something with color or lace, or better yet, both!

I hope this collection will get you inspired.  Just because we are moms doesn’t mean our undergarments should be limited!

Hanky Panky green bra $75 –

Hanky Panky lace strapless bra $76 –

Maidenform t shirt bra $58 –

Maidenform front fastening bra $58 –


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